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Welcome to our brand new workshops. We are offering them at a discounted price as part of a collaborative pilot session to test the waters. We look forward to working with you!


These sessions are designed for younger children, although children of any age can get involved. The session involves the children designing and making their own shadow puppet, performing a short shadow play and then taking their puppet home with them. We also explore how light works and why shadows are formed.  (Some proficiency with using scissors is required).


SHADOW PLAY - Secondary School Level. 

This is a flexible workshop which focuses on exploring the form of shadow in performance. We present a shadow show to the class to create a dialogue with the students exploring the issues raised and help them to develop ideas. They then experiment with these ideas and create a piece of work,  which they can present to each other. We use traditional shadow puppets, hand shadows and whole body shadows in our exploration. This workshop aims to explain how theatre can be used to promote social change, with a focus on our specialised medium of shadow plays. 


DEVISING WITH SHADOWS - Undergraduate Level.

This is a practical workshop where we engage with students using the form of shadows to aid their devising skills. We focus on movement skills, viewpoints and puppetry as tools of devising. We walk the students through turning an idea into a performance and work with shadows to inform these creative choices. The session culminates with the students sharing their work to each other and analysing how effective they were and why/why not. 


To enquire about any of our workshops, drop us an email at:


Our commissions are open! If you have an idea for a project that you think suits our unique style, then please get in touch. We can create adverts for your business, short films, posters, and marketing images or even build you your own shadow puppets

To discuss your ideas, email us at:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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